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Impossible Cigarette by Fabio Pieri


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If you want to perform real miracles with cigarettes, this is for you!
After over a year of research and development, Fabio Pieri has created two exceptional gimmicks that are easy to use and carry.
With them you will be able to perform many effects and complete routines. The limit will be only your imagination!

Revolutionize your magic with cigarettes!

* 2 ingenious gimmicks that will last you a lifetime
* A link to 45 minutes of explanations in which you will learn three super visual effects (including the filter that visually jumps from one side of the cigarette to the other), and the following routines:
Cigarettes across the table
Endless production
Triple disappearance

Note: the instructions are in Italian, however the video is very clear and allows to understand the working of the gimmicks the effects and routines very easily even if you don’t understand Italian.


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